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How to make a DIY Rainbow Rope Wall Hanging

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Hey guys, it's Megan!

I FINALLY got around to finishing part 2 in my bedroom makeover series. If you missed it, make sure to check it out here!

In the video, I showed you how I made this gallery wall to go around my TV:

Gallery wall around a TV in a purple bedroom. The gallery wall features a diy photo canvas, a shrink dink geode, a drawing of as cat, a rainbow wall hanging, an "aesthetic" painting, and a macrame wall pocket.

Any guesses what my favorite color is? 😂

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If you're curious about any of the other pieces on the wall, here are the links:

*Macrame wall pocket (from Amazon)

My TV is a 32 inch Roku TV, and my dad built the shelf underneath it. The shelf holds my old Xbox 360 and a DVD/VHS player we've had since I was little.

I've been seeing these rainbow wall hangings EVERYWHERE lately, and I think they're adorable. The best part was, I already had everything I needed to make one!

DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging made from rope, yarn, and pom pom trim.

If you need help, you can click any of the photos in this post to be taken to the video tutorial 😉

For this project you'll need:

* Rope (mine was 1/2 inch thick)

* Yarn in various colors

* Wire (I used 20 gauge copper wire)

* Pom Pom Trim (optional)

First, take your rope and curve it into a rainbow shape. I started by making an upside down u with the rope, and curved the rest of the rope around to make 5 layers. You could do more or less depending on how big you want your rainbow to be.

Curve the rope into a rainbow shape.

Be sure to make this a bit bigger than you want your finished rainbow to be. The ends will be used to make the fringe "clouds" at the end.

When you’re happy with the shape, cut the end of the rope and cover it with masking tape to avoid fraying.

Cut the end of the rope, and cover it with masking tape so it won't fray.

Cut each loop in half, adding more masking tape to each end so it doesn’t fray.

When you’re done, it should look like this:

Cut through each loop at the bottom, and put masking. tape on each end so they don't fray. This will be the base of the rainbow wall hanging.

Next, take your wire and cut a piece that is slightly shorter than each curve.

Use your clear tape to stick the wire to the rope.

This will help the rainbow keep its shape.

Use clear packing tape to stick wire to the rope. This will help the wall art keep its shape.

Wrap each curve with yarn in the color of your choice.

Wrap each piece of rope with yarn. I chose dark purple, gray, light purple, white, and black yarn.

To make it a bit more interesting, I used some extra yarn to create patterns on a few of the curves.

On the black curve I tied on some white yarn and wrapped it around to create a striped pattern.

Wrap another color of yarn around the covered rope to create a striped pattern on your rainbow wall hanging.

For this curve I tied a piece of dark purple yarn to one end, and did the same thing. This time I made the stripes a bit further apart.

When I reached the end, I went back and wrapped the yarn in the opposite direction. This will make it look like little "x"'s.

To create an "x" shaped pattern with the yarn, wrap it in one direction until your reach the. opposite end. Then wrap the yarn the other way.

Once you're finished, take the masking tape off of each end and fluff it out.

Take the masking tape off the ends of the rope, and separate the strands of rope to fluff it out.

Decide which side you want to be the back. Use hot glue to stick the curves together.

Use hot glue to stick the pieces of rope wrapped with yarn together.

I've seen other people sew this part, but I figured hot glue would be easier.

It felt like my wall hanging was still missing something, so I found some leftover pom pom trim to glue on the back.

Use hot glue to stick some pom pom trim to the back for the homemade wall hanging.

I flipped the rainbow to the front, and used more glue to stick each pom pom to the outer edge.

Flip the wall hanging over to the front, and use more hot glue to stick the pom poms to the outer edge.

To finish it off, I used some ribbon to make a loop on the back to hang it.

Use ribbon to make a loop on the back to hang the rainbow wall decor.

And here's how my finished rainbow wall hanging turned out!

I hung it above my TV using a small command hook.

I've been using a lot of yarn in my bedroom makeover so far. I like the soft, cozy look it gives my bedroom. If you have some yarn lying around, check out my other yarn projects!

Basket with yarn tassels

Tassel curtain ties made with yarn and wood beads.

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