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10 DIY Bracelets inspired by TAYLOR SWIFT eras! 🎤 🪩 ✨

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

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You can find all of the beads that I used here!

Hey guys, it's Megan!

In this video I'll be showing you how to make 10 friendship bracelets inspired by Taylor Swift albums!

I saw this trend on TikTok where people were making friendship bracelets for the eras tour and I thought it looked like fun (and lets be real, I have way too many beads 😅)

Sadly I wasn't able to get tickets, but I've been having fun watching the livestreams people have been doing!

I turned this video into 10 "shorts" for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube - if you prefer to watch that way I've embedded them below!


For the main part of this bracelet, I used 0.5 mm stretch cord and some 3 mm seed beads.

I sealed the knot with some UV Resin, cured it under my UV Lamp, then used jewelry pliers and a jump ring to attach an acrylic butterfly charm.


I kept this bracelet super simple with some 0.5 mm stretch cord, some metallic star beads, some 3 mm seed beads, and some 4 mm pearl beads.

I sealed the knot on all of the bracelets made with this stretch cord with some UV Resin and cured it under my UV Lamp.

(Side note - I hate YouTube Shorts so much. WHY WON'T THEY LET ME PICK MY OWN THUMBNAIL?!?! 😩 Apparently you can on Android but I'm way too deep in to the Apple ecosystem for that lol)

Speak Now

The Speak Now bracelet was really special, because I finally found a use for these charms from an old Taylor Swift perfume that I accidentally broke about 10 years ago. Honestly I'm kind of impressed that I knew where they were 😅

I used a 1 step looper tool, some 20 gauge wire, and some purple beads to create the base. I used pliers to attach the loops, and made the closure using gold chain, jump rings, and a lobster clasp.


The Red bracelet had a few more steps involved - I'd highly recommend watching the YouTube video before you make this one!

This one was a Pura Vida Style bracelet made with waxed cotton cord. I made the charm using a silver heart bead, a red faceted gem bead, and some 22 gauge wire.


The 1989 bracelet was super easy. I just strung some white butterfly beads, blue faceted gem beads, purple faceted gem beads, and some silver balls on to some 0.5 mm stretch cord.

I sealed the knot with UV Resin, cured it under my UV lamp, and that was it!


I made the Reputation bracelet a little bit differently. This bracelet sort of reminds me of the Martha Calvo style jewelry that was popular a few years ago.

For this one, I used some 26 gauge wire for the base, and strung on a mixture of assorted black and white beads. I added a piece of silver chain from an old broken necklace, and used magnetic clasps on either end to create the closure.


The Lover bracelet was another simple one. I used more of that 0.5 mm stretch cord to combine some of these aesthetic heart beads with some glass beads that my aunt gave me. I sealed the knot with some UV Resin, sured it under my lamp, and that was it!


I think the Folklore bracelet was my favorite. This was inspired by Taylor Swift's Folklore cardigan.

I just strung some 3mm seed beads and some silver star beads on to a piece of 0.5 mm stretch cord, and sealed the knot with UV Resin.


Next is Evermore. I like this album, don’t get me wrong, but there isn’t really anything about the “aesthetic” of it that really stood out to me. So I just combined a bunch of orange and gray beads to match the album cover.


And finally we have Midnights! I’ve always been a big fan of the whole galaxy/star motif, so I had no trouble finding beads for this one.

This is my favorite album Taylor Swift has released in a while - I think my all time favorite will always be Red though!

Which Taylor Swift Era was your favorite?

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