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Hey guys, it's Megan! I've been making Art, Crafts, and DIY videos on my self titled YouTube channel off and on since 2014. You might know me as "the girl who made that fidget spinner video" in 2017, or from my "5 Ways To Fill Your Sketchbook" series. My channel has always centered around arts and craft projects, but I am not a professional artist and I do not claim to be one. I just like to make things for fun! Whether it's doodling in my sketchbook or making crafts from things I find in my recycling bin, I'm always working on something creative. Thank you so much for your support! 


One of my most common questions has always been "Can you do a face reveal?". Although I have shown my face plenty of times online, I guess it's been a while! I made this video answering questions from my subscribers on YouTube. If you want to learn a little more about me, this is great place to start! 💜