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How to make Bead Bows - easy + aesthetic jewelry tutorial for beginners!

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Hey guys, it's Megan!

I have been seeing this beaded bow jewelry everywhere lately, and I think it's just the cutest thing.

I'm honestly not 100% sure what aesthetic these would be considered - when I see stuff like this on Pinterest or TikTok, they literally tag all the aesthetics.

I feel like the necklaces I made are sort of giving coquette, but if you used different colors I think these could fit just about any style!

To make the bows, I used:

🤍 6 in. of 22 gauge wire

First, add your large bead to the middle of your wire. Then add 10 smaller beads. Bring the end of the wire through the large bead, and pull it tight with your pliers to create a loop.

Add 10 more small beads to the other side, and bring this side of the wire through your large bead as well.

Add 5 more small beads to either end of your wire, secure the ends with a loop (I used my 1.5 mm 1 step looper tool - if you make any type of DIY jewelry this is seriously a GAME CHANGER) and your basic bow is done!

To see how I turned these into necklaces, check out the full tutorial here!

I ended up making two necklaces, and I used some seed beads to make some smaller bows to turn into earrings.

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john smith
john smith
07 mars

useful to know, thanks

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