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Mermaidcore inspired DIYs using REAL seashells! (jewelry + more!)

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Hey guys, it's Megan!

In today’s video I’ll be showing you how to make some DIY jewelry/accessories inspired by the “mermaidcore” aesthetic.

I've been seeing this aesthetic all over TikTok lately, and I absolutely love it. I don’t know if I’d consider this my personal aesthetic, because frankly I am not tan enough. But this summer? Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get to go outside and touch some grass.

All of these crafts were made with REAL seashells! A few of them were from my last trip to the beach back in 2018 (man, do I need a vacation lol) But I didn't have a ton of small shells, so I picked up some of these seashell beads at Michael's. These came with the holes already pre-drilled, which was awesome.

Sometimes you can find shells on the beach with holes in them, or you can add them yourself - I showed a few ways to do that in the seashell crafts video I made last year. But for some of these crafts you don't even need to add holes to your shells!

I ended up making some Jibbitz charms for my Crocs, a few necklaces, and some earrings to match.

You can find most of the supplies that I used in this video here!

how to make diy jewelry and other crafts inspired by the mermaidcore aesthetic popular on TikTok
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