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DIY Perler Bead Frame - Custom Frame for any sized item!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hey guys, it's Megan! After making a Perler Bead shelf in my last post, I started thinking about how many other projects Perler/Hamma Beads can be used for. So in today's post, I decided to show you how I made this custom picture frame.

For this project you will need Perler Beads, a clear pegboard,

an iron, a hot glue gun, and an item to frame.

First, choose the item you want to frame. I wanted to frame this CD insert that was signed by Taylor Swift.

The pattern in this post will fit any CD insert, but can easily be modified to fit any item.

Place your item under the clear pegboard, and outline it with Perler Beads.

The beads should not touch the edges of your item, there should be a little extra space. It's better to make this part slightly too big than too small!

This will be the basic shape of all three parts of the frame, so take note of how many beads are on each side.

My frame ended up being a 27x27 bead square.

Fill in the outline with two more rows of beads, like this:

You can make a pattern like I did, or just leave it a solid color.

Then, iron the frame:

This frame is made in three parts. Once you've made the front part, the edges and back of the frame should be a breeze.

For the edges of the frame, create a piece that looks like this:

Since my frame was a square, I just left one end open. If you're making a rectangular frame, decide whether you want to insert your picture in the top or the side, and adjust accordingly.

Iron this piece as well:

For the back of the frame, create another square (or rectangle) that is the same size as the one we made in step one.

This time, fill the entire shape with beads. The color doesn't matter as much, as long as the beads on the edges coordinate with your initial square.

I ran out of blue beads about halfway through, so I used pink beads to finish it up.

Find the middle of the frame, and remove 12 beads to create a notch:

This will help when inserting/removing your photo.

This edge will line up with the opening on the frame.

Iron this piece as well, and you should have three pieces that look like this:

From left to right: the back, middle , and front of the frame.

Using a hot glue gun, attach the back and middle pieces together:

The middle piece should line up with the edges of the back piece.

Then, glue on the front of the frame:

When your frame is done, it should look like this:

Slide your picture in the top, and you're done! I keep my frames sitting on top of my Perler bead shelves, but they would look great hung up with Command Strips too!

Let me know if you decide to make this by tagging me on Instagram, and check out my YouTube channel for more DIYs!

💜 Megan Weller

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