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Is Resin Worth It? 5 Things to make with Resin + Tips

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

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Is Resin Worth It? 5 things to make with Resin + Tips and Tricks. What can you put in resin?

Hey guys, it's Megan! In today's video I'll be determining whether or not I think Resin crafts are worth the time/money, and showing you 5 projects I made with both UV and 2 part resin.

I was really inspired by all of the resin crafts I've been seeing on TikTok and Instagram over the past few months. I quickly realized that working with resin isn't as easy as those 30 second videos make it seem...

Products I used:

2 Part Resin:

UV Resin:

UV Lamp:

Popsicle sticks:

Plastic cups:


Gold Leaf:

Gem Mold:

Acrylic Paint:

Fairy Lights:

Pressed Flowers:

Rectangle Mold:

E6000 glue:


Utility Knife:

Hair clip mold:

Puffy Paint:

Shot glasses (to mix UV resin):

Posca Pens:

Packing Tape:

Elmer’s Glue sticks:



Jewelry molds:

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