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How to make stud earrings with a Cricut Maker + Basswood!

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How to make wood earrings with a Cricut Maker. How to make stud earrings with basswood.

Hey guys, it's Megan!

I recently made a video showing you 5 EASY crafts you can make with your Cricut Maker.

One of my favorite projects from that video were these stud earrings:

Stud earrings made with a Cricut Maker and basswood. The basswood was painted and decorated with gold leaf or a posca paint pen. the diy earrings were sealed with uv resin.

I haven’t seen many people make stud earrings with cutting machines. If you Google “Cricut earrings” most of the results are for dangly earrings.

With a product as popular as Cricut, usually there’s a reason for this. But, you know me, I had to see if it was possible!

For this project you’ll need:

* UV Resin and a UV lamp

Optional supplies:

Tape your basswood to your StrongGrip Mat.

How to cut basswood with the Cricut Maker. How to make earrings with a Cricut.

Make sure the knife blade is in your machine, and load your mat.

How to cut basswood with a Cricut Maker and a knife blade. Cricut knife blade crafts.

It says you’ll need to cut 14 passes, but since these were small I only needed 10.

How small can you cut basswood on the Cricut Maker? How to cut wood with a Cricut.

This project works best with simple shapes. I tried cutting some more detailed things like these flowers, but they kinda fell apart.

I made my earrings a little less than 1/2 an inch each.

How to make stud earrings using a Cricut Maker and Basswood.

On Cricut’s website, they say that your mileage may vary when cutting basswood shapes under 3/4 of an inch.

Fell free to experiment with different shapes to see what works!

I removed the basswood from my mat, then sanded down the edges of my earrings.

Sand down the edges of the basswood earrings.

I painted each piece with acrylic paint.

Paint the basswood pieces with acrylic paint. Painting ideas, painting tutorial, how to paint.

I tried cutting vinyl to decorate them, but they’re just too small. I ended up using gold leaf and a paint pen instead.

First I glued on the earring backs to make them easier to hold.

Glue the earring backs on to the wood pieces. How to make wood earrings. DIY stud earrings.

I poked them into some cardboard for a little more stability.

Poke the earrings into some cardboard to make them easier to decorate.

For the diamond and the heart shaped lock, I drew the details with a black posca pen.

Diamond earring, heart shaped lock earring, how to make earrings.

For the circle and one of the hexagons, I put Mod Podge over half of the earring, and covered it with gold leaf.

How to make earrings with a Cricut. How to use gold leaf. Easy DIY earrings.

For the other pair of hexagon earrings, I covered the whole thing with Mod Podge, then added smaller flakes of the gold leaf.

How to make earrings for beginners. How to use a Cricut Maker to cut basswood with the knife blade.

To finish them off, I sealed each earring with UV resin.

And that was it! I love how these earrings turned out, and I definitely want to make more.

These would make great gifts - you could even use your Cricut to cut a paper “card” like the ones on earrings at the store!

Do you have your ears pierced?


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