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How to make a clear CD + CD painting ideas!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

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Hey guys, it's Megan!

I recently posted a video showing a few projects you can try when you're bored this summer. If you missed it, you can check it out here!

I'm always looking for different ways to repurpose common household items. I found a few boxes of these old CDs lying around, and I figured they'd make a great painting surface!

For this project you'll need:

I wanted to try making a clear CD. So, I got some packing tape, scratched the top of the CD with scissors, and used the packing tape to peel off the silver part. Just line up the tape with the edge of the scratch, and the silver part should come right off.

For some reason my CD had blue stuff all over it, I don’t know if they’re all like that or if it’s because these were made in 2000, but I just used a Clorox wipe to scrub that off.

If your CD has any blue residue left on it, it ca. be removed with a Clorox wipe or soap and water.

Now for the fun part- actually painting the CD.

Since it’s clear, I traced the CD on to a piece of paper, and sketched out my design.

Since my CD was clear, I traced it onto a piece of paper and sketched out my design.

I taped the CD on top of the sketch, and started painting!

I used my Arteza acrylic paints for this. I like these because they’re a little bit thicker. I usually only need one or two coats.

I did layer a few different shades of green and yellow to give the flowers more dimension though.

You don’t have to make the CD clear, I’ve seen lots of cool ones where people paint directly on top of the CD. Those might make nice suncatchers. You could hang them above a window and let the silver side reflect the light.

But here is how my finished CD turned out!

If you're looking for more summer crafts, check out this playlist!

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Nov 25, 2022

I want to do this but tbh ik that I would cut myself 😭


Jul 01, 2020

when i tried to clear the cd it did not come off completely clean

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