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DIY RAINBOW window decal with Cricut!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

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Hey guys, it's Megan!

I recently made a video showing you 5 EASY crafts you can make with your Cricut Maker.

One of my favorite crafts from the video was this rainbow window cling.

How to make a rainbow window decal with a Cricut Maker and rainbow window film. Gem shaped window cling.

I saw this rainbow window film on TikTok last year, and I love the effect that it gives.

Rainbow window film, rainbow window decal shining on the wall. The wall has hanging acrylic paint wall storage.

I was hesitant to buy it though, because I didn’t want to cover a whole window.

That’s where my Cricut Maker comes in. By using rainbow window film with some Cricut Vinyl, you can make these adorable sun catchers.

For this project you’ll need:

* Vinyl (it can be permanent or removable, since the vinyl won’t actually touch the window)

* Cricut Machine (I used the Cricut Maker, but this would work with a Cricut Explore Air 2 as well.)

First, I went to Design Space to pick an image. I welded a few images from Cricut Access together to make this crystal design.

How to weld images in Cricut Design Space. Is Cricut Access Worth it? Cricut Design Space Tutorial

Try to pick an image that doesn‘t have super detailed line art - we want the rainbow film to be able to show through!

To design my project, I imported my image,

Choose an image from Cricut Design Space, or upload your own!

duplicated it,

How to duplicate an image in cricut design space.

then clicked “contour”.

How to contour an image in Cricut Design Space. How to use Cricut Design Space. How to make original projects in Cricut Design Space.

I clicked "hide all contours" to create a solid shape. This will be cut from the window film, and the lines will be cut from vinyl.

Change the solid shape to a different color. This will make sure that your project has two different "mats". The purple shape will be cut from window film, and the black shape will be cut from vinyl.

How to cut an image on multiple mats in Cricut Design Space. How to layer vinyl. Vinyl Craft ideas.

I found that the “stencil film” setting worked best for cutting the window film. It cuts through the film, and leaves the backing mostly intact.

How to cut rainbow window film with a Cricut Maker and a fine point blade. Is the Cricut Maker worth it?

I put the window film on my StandardGrip mat, and loaded it into my machine.

Put the window film on your Cricut StandardGrip mat.
Load the green StandardGrip mat into your Cricut Maker cutting machine.

Next, I put some white vinyl on the same mat, and cut out the second layer.

Put white vinyl on the green StandardGrip mat. How to use a Cricut. Things to make with Cricut.
How to use a Cricut Maker. Cricut projects for beginners.

It doesn’t really matter if you use permanent or removable vinyl for this project, since the vinyl won't touch the window.

I weeded both pieces with my Cricut weeding tool.

I stuck some transfer tape on my vinyl, and carefully lined it up with the window film.

How to layer Cricut vinyl. How to make a window decal. DIY room decor.

Use the Cricut scraper tool to make sure the vinyl in stuck down, and peel off the transfer tape.

Use a Cricut Scraper tool to make sure the vinyl is stuck down, and peel off the transfer tape. Cricut transfer tape hacks.

Make sure your window is clean. Remove the plastic, and spray the back of the decal with water. Spray the part of the window you want it to stick to as well.

Place the decal on the window, and squeeze out any extra water with your Cricut scraper.

How to stick on rainbow window film. How to get rainbow window film to stick. How to make a rainbow at home.

When the sun shines just right, you’ll have these little rainbows all around your room!

These are so easy to make, and they make great gifts. It would be super easy to send them in the mail. It might look even better with holographic vinyl!

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