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DIY Picture Frame w/ HIDDEN STORAGE! Using an old VHS Tape

Hey guys, it's Megan!

I've finally gotten back to updating my bedroom. It's been a huge project so far, but we're getting there!

In my most recent "Room Makeover" Episode, I turned my desk into a vanity. I came up with these "VHS storage frames" last summer, and thought they'd be perfect for storing small items like lipstick and mascara.

If you'd like a more detailed explanation, you can click any of the pictures in this post to be taken to the video tutorial.

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For this project you'll need:

* A plastic "clamshell" style VHS tape case (if you don't have one hiding in your house somewhere, they are usually around $0.25 to $1.00 at thrift stores!)

First, remove the paper from the front of the VHS cover, and clean it off if necessary.

Open up the case (obviously you should take out the VHS tape 😅) and cut a piece of felt to fit inside.

Cut a piece of felt that is small enough to fit inside the VHS tape case.

Open the case about half way on top of a piece of paper, and trace along the inside to create a pattern.

Open up the VHS case, and trace along the inside to create a triangle shaped patten. This will help create a storage pocket.

Here's what the pattern should look like so far:

How to make the pattern for the side pocket

Measure your felt piece against the pattern, making sure they match up.

Measuring a piece of felt to make a wall pocket to decorate a bedroom.

Add 1/2 inch tabs to the shortest edge and two slanted edges of the pattern as shown:

Making a pattern for a Felt wall organizer inside of a VHS tape.

Cut out the pattern, and trace it onto a piece of felt twice:

Trace the pattern on to a piece of felt twice.

Cut out both pieces:

Cut two triangle shaped pieces of felt using the pattern you just made.

Now that we have a rectangle shaped piece and two triangle shaped pieces, we can assemble the felt pocket.

Mark the center of the long side of the rectangle piece, and use hot glue to stick the small tab on one of the triangle pieces to the center:

Step 1 in making the pocket for the wall organizer.

Use more hot glue on both edges of the triangle shaped piece, bringing it up to meet the rectangle piece like this:

Repeat this process on the other side to finish the pocket.

Completed felt pocket to put inside VHS tape wall art.

Stick the pocket to the inside of the VHS tape case using a hot glue gun.

Inside of the VHS tape wall pocket storage art.

VHS Tape wall storage pocket thrift flip

I like to add a little extra hot glue to the inside of the side panels. This makes sure the felt won't get caught in the case when opening/closing it.

Add a little more hot glue to the inside of the felt side panels.

And that's it! Now the main part of your VHS storage frame is done.

Finished inside of the VHS storage frame wall art thrift flip upcycled from items you have at home.

You can add any artwork you'd like in the plastic cover.

For these frames, I kept the art super simple. I've been seeing tons of people paint these taped off triangles on their walls lately. I thought it would be fun to do that on a smaller scale.

Just tape off the paper:

Divide your paper into triangle shaped sections using washi tape or masking tape.

Fill each section with paint:

Fill each taped off section with a few different colors of acrylic paint. I used purple, lilac, and silver.

and remove the tape to reveal your design!

Finished VHS tape storage frames on the wall next to a black mirror.

I attached my storage art to the wall using four regular command strips on the back of each one.

Like I said before, I used these above my vanity to store small makeup items/ beauty products. I used to have one beside my bed to hold TV remotes. These would also work well above a desk area to store small items like tape, pencils, post it notes, pushpins, gluesticks, etc. They'd also be great for storing jewelry or small hair accessories!

Recycled VHS tape storage wall art pin. Decorated with triangle tape art, featuring the movie "It Take Two". Easy up cycled vanity storage!
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