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DIY Melted Pony Bead Rings using a HAIR STRAIGHTENER!

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How to make rings with pony beads and a hair straightener / flat iron. Things to do when you're bored.

Hey guys, it's Megan!

I recently made a video showing you a few Art/Craft Projects to try when you’re Bored.

One of the easiest projects I made were these pony bead rings.

How to make a ring out of melted pony beads. Things to do at a sleepover, things to do at home, easy crafts for teens.

For this project, you’ll need pony beads, a hair straightener, some parchment paper, tape, and a ring mandrel (or something to wrap the rings around.)

First, take some parchment paper and tape it around the part of the straightener that gets hot. This will make sure the beads don’t stick.

Tape parchment paper around the part of the hair straightener that gets hot.

Turn the straightener on, and pick out your beads. The number of beads you need depends on your ring size. My ring size is about a 7 - I needed 7 normal sized pony beads.

Put the beads on your straightener in a line,

Put the beads on your hair straightener in a line. How to make a beaded ring. DIY jewelry for beginners.

then close the straightener to melt them.

close the hair straightener to males the pony beads.

I checked it a few times to see if the beads were melted enough.

When they were, I carefully removed them from the straightener, and quickly wrapped it around my ring mandrel.

Take the pony beads off of the hair straightener, and wrap them around a ring mandrel to finish your ring.

If you don’t have a ring mandrel, try finding a marker or something that’s about the size of your finger.

You might have to hold the ends together for a few seconds until it cools.

How the ends of the pony bead ring together for a few seconds until it cools.

These take less than 5 minutes to make, so you can make a whole bunch of them if you want to.

Melted pony bead rings made with a hair straightener flat iron, things to do when you're bored, easy crafts, diy jewelry.

This would be a good "sleepover craft", or just a fun way to pass the time in lockdown!

Let me know in the comments - do you have naturally straight or curly hair?

Mine is naturally curly, but I started straightening it after an unfortunate hair cut in fifth grade. I got sick of fighting it after a few years, and these days my hair is much healthier!


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