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Gift Ideas for People who work from Home

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

When someone's hobby is also their job, they can be really difficult to shop for. These gifts are perfect for the entrepreneur in your life!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through my link. See my disclosure for more information.

A big part of my job is taking photos of products or things I've made. I like taking outdoor shots when the weather is nice, but as winter approaches those nice days get fewer and far between. This portable photo studio is great for those days when the sun refuses to cooperate! I like that it comes with lights built in, and has an opening at the top for overhead shots. It comes with four different backgrounds, and can be folded to store, which is essential for smaller spaces.

At $9 for 2 these camera remotes would make a great stocking stuffer. These are great for when you need to take self-portraits, stop motion animations, and any situations where you camera may not be super easy to get to!

Many of us who work from home do so in a variety of places, and this lap desk is perfect for people who work in bed, on the couch, or even in the car. The storage compartment is a nice bonus, and is a great way to keep everything you need in one place.

I'm admittedly someone who "would forget their head if it wasn't attached", and often write things on my hands. These sticky notes would be great stocking stuffer, and might make a fun "gag gift" for the forgetful person in your life. If the watch shapes aren't your thing, there are plenty of other fun post-it notes out there, like these Bob Ross ones, and these picture frame ones.

Working from home often comes with a lot of paperwork, especially for those of us who run our own business. One of the few disadvantages of being self-employed is everything you need to remember when tax season rolls around! This over the door file organizer is the best way to organize receipts, incoming/outgoing mail, printed documents, and anything else you can't afford to lose. Even though it says "over the door", these can be hung from the wall or on a piece of furniture using command hooks.

I struggle with keeping organized (see my craft room makeover series as proof 😅) and I'm constantly looking for new ways to control clutter. I found this wooden desk organizer while browsing on Amazon, and thought it looked perfect to keep on my small desk in my bedroom. It does require a bit of assembly, so if that's not you thing this plastic version might be a better fit. They even make them in fun shapes, like this rainbow pencil organizer.

In 2018, I thought it would be a good idea to paint one of the walls in my room with dry erase paint. It's a cool feature, but it doesn't exactly work as well as the box claimed it would. In hindsight, I would have been much better off buying something like this. It comes in a few different sizes. The 4 by 3 foot one would probably be enough for most people, but they also have a 6 by 4 and an 8 by 4 foot version

Even though I have a few of them, I always seem to be in need of more SD card storage. I use iMovie to edit my YouTube videos, and I like to keep all of my clips for a video saved until its completed. I've learned that lesson the hard way one too many times! Especially for those of us who do a lot of photography/videography work, SD cards are a must. Besides SD cards, and external hard drive would also be a great gift for anyone who does a lot of work at their computer.

Working at home often means long hours and LOTS of coffee. I have quite a few of these, and they hold up really well. They are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and can even be put in the microwave or freezer. Tervis Tumblers come in lots of different designs, like this sloth one, this Alice in Wonderland one, and this Disney one. They have some really cute Christmas designs as well. If designs aren't your thing, they make clear versions as well. If you have a Cricut machine, you can even use vinyl to customize a plain one!

Working from home can come with quite a few distractions, especially if you live with other people. Noise cancelling headphones are a MUST! I put mine in without any music when I need to focus, they are truly a life saver. These wireless sport ones are nice because they come with multiple ear tips/hooks, and a full charge lasts 16 hours. They're also magnetic on the outside, so you can wear them like a necklace if you need to take them out.

I generally save up to "treat myself" to a bigger ticket item for my birthday every year, and this is what I went for in 2019. I absolutely LOVE this desk bike, and so far it's been worth the investment. I feel like I can focus better when I'm moving, and it helps me feel a bit less guilty for the hours spent at my computer! This bike doubles as a standing desk, which is awesome. I like to stand while recording voiceovers for my YouTube videos, I think it helps me sound more "natural". The seat can get a bit uncomfortable after an hour or so, but it's nothing getting up and walking around for a minute can't fix. It's super easy to adjust the seat/desk height, and the desktop can be moved closer or farther away from you. I was worried the ledge might be annoying, but it really doesn't get in the way. I got the black version because I knew if I got the white one it wouldn't stay that way for very long!

If you're still looking for ideas, make sure to check out my other gift guides!

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