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Why you should NOT start a Bullet Journal in 2021 - plus what I do instead to stay organized!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hey guys, it’s Megan! With the new year many of us set goals to be more organized, lose weight, etc. Last year, my New Year's Resolution was to get more organized. One of the ways I planned to do that was by starting a bullet journal. Unfortunately, the bullet journaling method didn't work for me. In this video I'll be explaining why I wasn't able to keep up with an "artsy" planning system, and sharing some methods I found that work better for me.

Some of us just aren't "planner people", and that's ok! It might take a while to find what works for you, and what works might not always be what's "trendy/popular".

DISCLAIMER: If bullet journaling works for you, that's great! Everyone has a different organization style, and the point of this video is to show that you might have to try a few things before you find what works for you. Also - I'm specifically referring to the more "Artsy, Instagram-worthy" style of bullet journaling in this video, not the "original" system created by Ryder Carroll.

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