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Gift Ideas for Creative Teens/Adults!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hey guys, it's Megan! Since the holidays are coming up, I thought it would be fun to come up with a few gift ideas for people who like art, crafts, and DIYs! All of the items on this list are either things I already own, or things I plan on adding to my Christmas list.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through my link. See my disclosure for more information.

I discovered the Gelli Plate while browsing on Pinterest, and I was amazed by how much you can create with a simple plastic slab. This mono printing tool can be used to create backgrounds for art journals, DIY scrapbook paper, and can even be used to print on fabric! They are fairly inexpensive ($25 for an 8 x 10 plate) and provide hours of entertainment for all ages. I'd recommend including a brayer and maybe some acrylic paint to help the recipient get started. They also make smaller 5 x 5 plate in kit form, that come with everything you need (a brayer, 3 colors of acrylic paint, and a few extras depending on the kit) for less than $25. There is even a book written by the creator of the Gelli Plate to help you get started.

This is something I know I'll be getting for Christmas, because I gave my mom a "subtle" hint while we were shopping and she said "put it in the cart". I like that this planner is un-dated, so it's no big deal if you forget to use it for a week or two, and each page includes a weekly Bob Ross painting and quote. It even includes stickers! If planners aren't your thing, there is plenty of other Bob Ross merchandise to choose from. These sticky notes look like a lot of fun, and this miniature paint by number kit is the perfect snow day activity. They even make Bob Ross socks!

Speaking of stickers, these Diamond Dot stickers are perfect for anyone who wants to test out the trend before committing to a larger piece. Or for people with a bit less patience 😅 These come in all sorts of different designs, like princesses, cacti, and this Christmas themed set. They even have keychains!

The ultimate brush cleaner, paint pucks are basically a fancy paint water cup. They come in a few different varieties. The standard paint puck is a small bumpy silicone piece with a suction cup on the back to stick in your cup. It works a lot like those makeup brush cleaners, making it easier to remove paint from your brush.

The "Paint Brush Rinse Cleaner Cup" comes in three different sizes, and includes the basic paint puck textured bottom, inner and outer brush holders, and an outer drip tray to catch any extra water. I made my own "paint puck" by using a hot glue gun to add bumps to the bottom of a plastic cup, and the DIY version works so well that I've been dying to try the real thing!

It's no secret that I do a lot of work at my desk in my craft room, and it's definitely starting to look "well loved". I'm hoping that this will help me to avoid replacing the contact paper on my desk every year. I chose the matte version because I film my workspace and don't want the lights reflecting off of it, but it comes in a more shiny version as well.

For those of us who may not be able to justify spending $300 on Copic markers, Ohuhu Markers are the next best thing. They come in a set of 48 and a set of 72, and are by far the best "knock off" markers I've tried. I've used these in almost every art video I've made since I got them, and simply having a brush tip has been a game changer.

As someone who had only tried the inexpensive "craft paints" (ex. Craftsmart and Apple Barrel) I always thought I just hated painting. Turns out, I just wasn't using the right paint! While I still use craft paint and it has it's place, it's nice to have a higher quality option to save time (ex. I might need 3-4 layers of craft paint for a painting, while I'd only need 1-2 layers of the Arteza Paint) I'd recommend investing in an extra tube of white paint as well, as it tends to be the color that gets used the fastest.

I purchased these last year to paint and give people instead of Christmas cards, and they were a hit. These are perfect for those of us who like painting, but don't have the space for multiple large canvases. If mini paintings aren't your thing, this pack of 24 8 x 10 canvas panels is also a great option. My mom bought

these one year and split the pack up between my sister and I, and they have lasted quite a while.

Bullet Journals just keep becoming more popular with teens and young adults, and it's easy to see why. It's a creative way to do something you'd probably be doing anyway. While I'm personally not much of a "planner", I love all of the fun stationary supplies inspired by the trend. Crayola's new "Take Note" line includes erasable highlighters, dual tip highlighters, gel pens, fine tip permanent markers, and felt tip pens. At around $5 per set of 6, these make the perfect stocking stuffer! They'd pair perfectly with a bullet journal (I like spiral bound ones) and this stencil set!

I have an Instax mini printer that is fairly similar to this, but I like this HP Sprocket one better for a few reasons. Not only is the HP Sprocket photo paper cheaper ($0.31 per HP print vs. $0.60 per Instax print as of November 15, 2019) but it also has a sticky-back, making it perfect for scrapbooking, art journaling, and more! The HP paper is water-resistant too, which could be fun for making your own Hydro flask or laptop stickers.

This was on my wish list for quite some time, and I finally splurged on one earlier this year. Apparently Apple came out with a new version since then, but honestly I don't see much difference between the 2018 and 2019 models. The key is that they both support the Apple Pencil, which was what convinced me to finally upgrade my iPad. It is such a versatile tool, I use mine to edit/make graphics for YouTube videos, to make digital products, to edit pictures for my blog, and so much more. It's definitely the priciest item on the list, but something I get a lot of use out of!

So those were the best gift ideas for artists, crafters, and makers! If you need more inspiration, make sure to check out my other gift guides :)

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