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What I got for Christmas 2019!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hey guys, it's Megan!

For as long as I can remember, it's been a tradition on YouTube to make "What I got for Christmas" videos.

I've been a bit busy with the holiday (I've desperately been trying to find times where it's quiet enough to record 😅) so I thought I'd do a blog post this year instead.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday, whatever you celebrate!

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I tried to group things together by who they were from. I also left out things like money because you know what that looks like.

The first few things were from my parents.

In my family, we open our stockings first. The color of the wrapping paper in each stocking lets us know who each present under the tree belongs to.

We have a few "traditional" items that are included every year, like a new toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, chapstick, and gum/candy.

We like making people guess what's in each present, and stockings are always the easiest!

The rest of the items are always a surprise. This year I got these miniature mint tins. One has Bob Ross, and it's called "Happy Little Mints" and the other one has Mister Rodgers and they're called "Encourage-mints"

I also got some Orajel, which is great because I always get a bunch of cold sores this time of year.

We usually get an ornament as well. This year I got a "mystery" cat ornament, but my mom said she looked before she bought it 😅 It's grey like my cat Lucky was (she passed away in 2018)

Lucky 🐱

I've been asking if I could adopt another cat for a while now. Of course, no one could replace Lucky, but I miss having a little buddy to hang out with.

My dad seemed to be against it, so I kind of gave up. I definitely didn't expect to unwrap a cat bed on Christmas morning!

The cat isn't here yet. My parents planned on getting one, but thought I'd like to pick one out myself. I'll be sure to insert a picture of him/her when I bring them home!

Something I asked for this year was a laminator. This might seem kind of weird, but I always seem to be doing projects where I could really use one.

I got this Bostitch laminator with extra laminating sheets, and I'm super excited to come up with projects for it!

You know how some people have that one thing they collect? My grandma collects angels and apples, my mom collects frogs, and I collect owls.

My mom got me this owl shaped piggy bank. I like that the stomach is made of wire, so you can see how much money is inside!

The next few things I got were a bit random, but there's an explanation behind each one.

I got a set of dish towels, because I may or may not have stolen a few from the kitchen to use as "sweat rags" after a workout...

I also got season 2 of "Young Sheldon". Every Thursday night my family will sit down to watch it (plus The Unicorn, Mom, and Carol's Second Act.) We watched The Big Bang Theory for years, I'll be kind of disappointed when this show ends!

My mom's scissors are constantly missing, so she got me a nice pair.

I also got a pair of socks. Again, because I "borrow" my mom's 😅 I'm not sure where they're from, but they're really soft!

My family is always ragging on me because I don't really buy clothes anymore.

Since I work from home/did online school, I've kind of stopped caring. I mean, I've been the same size for at least 7 years! Maybe that can be one of my new year's resolutions, to actually buy some new clothes...

This year I got a North Face style jacket from a brand called "Natural Reflections, and some sweatpants from Land's End.

My dad picked out this jacket for me from the brand Columbia. It's super nice, I like that the part on the inside can be removed so you can wear it in winter and fall/spring! I was just saying that I should look for a new jacket, I'm glad I waited!

The last two things from my parents were this Bob Ross planner and this set of purple craft tools from Westcott. I picked these out at Sam's Club on a trip with my mom. I like the planner because it's not dated, so it's no big deal if I forget a week or two!

I might end up using it as more of a diary instead of a planner since I started my Bullet Journal series.

The craft tools were an awesome deal, it was around $12 for a 13 x 13 cutting mat, 2 pairs of scissors, a craft knife with 6 blades, and a paper trimmer! The fact that it's purple didn't hurt either 😅

The next few things were from my sister.

She got me a Calligraphy set, because I always complain about how bad my handwriting is 😅

She also gave me some Swedish Fish candy canes, which are my favorite!

Her Girl Scout Troop was doing a project making hats on those circular looms, and I thought it was cool that she was so into it. They came out really nice, I was surprised at how many she was able to make!

I pointed out the ink set while we were at Five Below as a "subtle hint" 😉

and the purple thing is a massage roller ball, which is AMAZING. My calves are always super tight from running, and I've used this a few times already.

My grandma gave me some Cuddle Dud socks, an m&m candy cane, and some money.

I couldn't believe that at 89 she'd never made a gingerbread house, so we made sure to fix that this year!

These last few things are from aunts/uncles.

My mom's brother and sister got me this battery operated tree. My sister got one too, they're super pretty! It will definitely be nice to have when I take my Christmas Tree down.

They also gave me a Chick-fil-a gift card and some Kinder Happy Hippos. They're almost too cute to eat!

One of my aunts sends a big package of things for my sister and I every year. She always finds great stuff for us!

This year I got this mini black marble backpack, which will be perfect to take to Hershey Park in the summer.

She also sent us some lotion/body sprays, some socks, and some lip gloss/bath bombs (not pictured)

And last but not least, another one of my aunts sent me this "M" jewelry set.

I've been meaning to get my ears re-pierced. I had them done when I was younger, but they closed a few years ago. I tried re-piercing them myself, but they got infected and it was a whole mess 😅 Guess that will be another New Year's Resolution!

So, that was everything I got for Christmas in 2019! A huge thank you to everyone in my family for thinking of me 😊

Let me know what your favorite gift was this year!

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Christien Mcconnell
Christien Mcconnell

I know I'm months late lol but I really enjoyed reading this! Did you get a cat yet? I love the Westcott set I might need to find one for me! I love Carol's Second Act, who's your favorite character on the show I like Lexie and Carol.


Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas

OMG I was greatful for everything


Elena Theodossiou
Elena Theodossiou

Thank you so much for always giving everyone new ideas and inspiration! A lot of stuff on my Christmas list was inspired by stuff you use... in fact probably most of it 😅...

Any way I just wanted to say thanks, and hope you keep inspiring everyone on YouTube and other platforms!!!

PS: I just watched the newest painting video, and was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to draw cats?


Megan Weller
Megan Weller

Leah - I will definitely be adopting! I might have to do that, maybe I can make a "DIYs to make for you cat" video or something 😊 I'm definitely still focusing on YouTube, but with all of the changes they keep making I thought it would be a good idea to have another platform set up 💜



I personally prefer your YouTube videos, but this was fun to read! I would love to watch a video about when you get a new cat. I hope you adopt :)


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