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10 EASY Drawing/Doodle Ideas To Try When you're Bored!

Hey guys, it's Megan!

I recently posted a video where I showed you a few easy doodle/zentangle type drawing techniques. If you missed it, you can check out the video here!

I love "step-by-step" drawing tutorials, and thought it might be fun to make some! This is going to be a pretty "picture heavy" post, but if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

*Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through my link. See my disclosure for more information.*

For these doodles, I used:

You can click on any of the pictures below to be taken to that portion of the video!

Doodle #1:

For the first doodle, draw a dot at the center of the page. Draw wavy lines going from the dot to the edge of the paper.

To create a sort of “3D effect”, draw a bunch of upside down “u” shapes in each section.

And that’s basically it! Just keep drawing those “u” shapes in each section, starting at the dot we drew in the first step, and radiating out to the edge of the paper.

When you’re done, you should have something that looks like this:

Spiral Zentangle Doodle pattern, relaxing drawing ideas.

Doodle #2:

The second idea is kind of similar to the first one. I’m just gonna call this a clover field.

Start by drawing three or four tear drop shapes that connect at the top. It’s kind of like drawing a flower with no center.

Draw another teardrop shape inside each petal.

Then, keep drawing more teardrop shapes outside of each petal, and just keep going around until you feel like stopping.

Keep making more of these flower/clover shapes until there's no more room on the paper.

To fill up any “white space” in the background, just do more teardrop shapes.

Here’s what the page should look like when you’re done:

Clover field style zentangle doodle op art illusion, how to draw.

Doodle #3:

This next pattern is one that I made up.

First, draw a bunch of small, random shapes on the page. They can be circles, triangles, squares, blobs, whatever.

Next, use your marker to draw one long squiggly line that weaves all over the page, avoiding the shapes. It’s kind of like a maze, and the shapes are the obstacles you have to go around.

When you’re done, your page should look like this:

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s interesting to look at, and might make a nice background.

Doodle #4:

Now let’s move on to something a little more recognizable.

Use a pen/fine tip marker to draw a circle on the page. Fill in this larger circle with a bunch of smaller circles.

You don’t really have to draw each little circle, you can just make a bunch of swirls.

Next, use a marker with a larger tip to create 5 or 6 petals.

You can make your flower larger and give it more dimension by adding another layer or two of petals.

Once you’ve drawn all your petals, go back with the thinner pen or marker and draw lines inside each one.

You can stick with one flower, or draw a whole bunch like I did.

Zentangle style flower drawing, easy drawing ideas for spring.

Doodle #5:

First, use a thicker marker to draw slightly wavy triangle shapes. Start at the bottom of the page, and make your way up.

Then draw more wavy lines that divide each mountain in half.

Decide which side you want to be darker, and which side you want to be lighter. I made the left side darker, and the right side lighter.

For the darker side, use your thinner pen/marker to draw a few random lines. Fill each section you’ve created with lines that are pretty close together.

For the lighter side, make the lines in each section a little farther apart.

Continue this for each mountain, and in the end, your page should look something like this:

Mountain drawing done with micron pens, sitting against a cloud background.

Doodle #6:

This next doodle is another flower that my mom taught me how to do when I was little.

The first step is optional, but I decided to make these a little more modern by drawing flower shaped blobs with my Crayola super tips markers randomly all over the page.

Start by drawing a small circle for the center of the flower. Then, draw a few small “petals” around the circle that kind of overlap each other.

When your flower is about half the size you want it to be, start making the additional petals a bit larger.

Repeat this for each flower.

Here is how the finished drawing turned out:

Easy Rose drawing, how to draw a rose, ktscanvases style flowers.

Doodle #7:

This doodle is something I used to do ALL the time, it’s probably one of the easiest things ever.

Starting with your wider marker, draw a bunch of curvy lines that look like they’re dripping down the page.

Using your thinner marker/pen, draw more “drips” inside of the larger ones.

Here’s how the finished doodle turned out:

Slime/drips drawing done with micron pens in an arteza sketchbook.

Doodle #8:

First, draw a bunch of wavy lines going horizontally across the page.

The lines can go the whole way across, or they can stop halfway and overlap with another “half” of a line.

Once all of the lines are drawn, you’re basically going to fill them with rainbows. I did a pattern of them, going from a normal rainbow to an upside down one, and kept this pattern going, making sure to stay inside the wavy lines.

Do that in each section until you have something that looks like this:

Rainbow zentangle quilt style drawing

Doodle #9:

I’m gonna call this one “wagon wheels, because that’s what it looks like to me.

Draw a circle.

Mark a dot in the center of the circle, and draw lines that go from the dot to edge of the circle.

And that’s all there is to it! Just keep drawing more of these “wagon wheels” until you fill up the page.

"Wagon Wheel" doodle zentangle art

Doodle #10:

The last idea is these weird blob looking things.

It’s kind of like a reversed cow print or something.

First, draw a bunch of random blobs on your page.

Fill in each blob with more, smaller blob shapes.

You could stop here, or you could color in the background:

"Cow print" style doodles/drawing to try when you're bored

And that's it! If you need more drawing inspiration, make sure to check out my "How To Fill Your Sketchbook" series!

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Erica D
Erica D
Dec 10, 2023

These are such awesome doodles! My fav is the wagon wheel pattern.


Summer Adams
Summer Adams
May 15, 2023

Super cute.❤️


Edith Dixon-White
Edith Dixon-White
May 09, 2023



Nov 25, 2022

these are so cute and i think u should do more of these drawings and post them 😁

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